Second layer speed slowing down 360 back up


I am trying to copy a already backed up 360 game on DL dvd.

  • First I tried to copy on the fly, copy one on one with clonecd. After 51% the writing speed slows rapidly down to about 0.08 - 0.70 instead of 2.4. It seems to get stuck around there.

  • So then I’ve tried to copy first to the harddisk but same thing happened, the speed drops down at 51 - 54 %. But not so rapidly. Now I am about 70% the speed is: 0.04

I’ve also tried to make a iso with dvd decrypter but i get a lot of errors 'package header not found. Also with Nero I get burn error about 52% Also with Alcohol.

What do I do wrong? There is something with the layerbreak. Can someone help? thanks! :bow: