Second Drive

I have on my custom made computer, a C:/ drive, a D:/drive for data storage, an E:/drive which is the cdrom and the A:/ which works occasionally.

Two weeks ago my main c:/ drive turned up with some kind of corruption and a missing kernel which lead to me not even being able to load windows. It had one partition, which I cannot even specify for windows because it is listed as
_:confused: Partition !

and it would not let me do anything other than reformat completely.

This morning I found my d:/ drive had a similar problem, although at one point it did look like the drive still had 31 gigs on it. It is years of work. Its all hooked up properly, but the d:/ does not list. A:/, C:/ and E:/ list but not D.

It also made at the start a beeping noise. Any ideas what may be the problem?
Any cheap ways to recover most of the data? I checked and labs cost 500 to 2500$ and this data really is critical.

The first thing I would do is put the drive in another computer in case you have a problem with a card or mother board. If it shows up, just back up everything that isn’t corrupted onto another drive before you reformat.

A cheap way of doing it is to hook up the 2 drives as master and slave and drag the data and programs off the corrupted drive to the formatted drive. To do this just right click on start and left click on explore. Left click on the corrupted drive and everything should open up in the window to the right, just highlight and drag everything you want to save over to the new drive in the left window.

First things first…
If your data is so critical why didn’t you do at least a weekly or monthly backup? I know it’s a bit late to address this obvious lack of planning on your part, but something you may want to consider for the future. In addition, most HD failures are due to inadequate case cooling and power supply problems.
Now that is out of the way, let’s address the data recovery approach. The absolute cheapest, and in my experience, one of the best HD recovery tools available is Spinrite by Gibson Research. Very reasonably priced and effective if the drive is even partially readable. Spinrite

“Fate has a way of finding those who own chainsaws” /.

pipemanid, that was my first thought too!

if the data is that critical, why isn’t there a backup of it somewhere?!

after you get this problem sorted out, hop on over to the software forum. you’ll find many disk imaging programs and backup software to keep this from being an issue again!

The data files became so large byte-wise that the backups were taking too much space on either of my drives. I can off of disks probably replace about 50-60%, but that’s still a bunch of gigs of original data. I crunched some, but both disks which had backups were corrupted. Its reading HDD error.

The problem with the disk itself over the files, is that if copyright issues came up and first creation/publication came up, a hard drive would be used to verify earliest date and versions.

if copyrights are an issue i think you’ll find that it costs $10 and there’s a short form to register any copyrightable material with the copyright office. items that come in for copyright consideration are documented the moment they are opened. that way it’s on file somewhere it can’t get damaged…

just a thought if your intellectual roperty rights mean that much to you! (or you could always do the whole “mail it to yourself and keep the envelope sealed in a safe deposit box” trick…)

The problem with copyright is misunderstood. Copyright ownership exists from the beginning, only for the original author, and no one but the original author is allowed to REGISTER the copyright.

There is [B]a difference between OWNING the copyright and REGISTERING it. [/B]Too often today, when someone steals data/files off your computer, they think all they have to do is beat you to a registration form, but if they do, it is copyright fraud.

The reason drives and original files are part of what is important, is because they can establish the first time a work was created. Even if someone changes the dates or writes over the file, there is still evidence of the earliest date. Its not the only thing: the person claiming copyright obviously has to be able to do the work, show that it is consistent with other work they do, and usually they know things about the work that the faker can’t know.

Mailing something to yourself is an old wives tale. It won’t hold up. And the costs of registering have gone up considerably. By the time a case gets to court everybody is claiming copyright, and registries are put aside until creatorship is determined. See [B]Federal Copyright Act 1976, DMCA 1998,
and Berne Universal Treaty as well as the Bono Act[/B]. This is why original data is not the only thing to establish ownership, and authorship which are initially synonymous. [B]Copyright law changed drastically about 20 years ago[/B] and is recognized internationally in about 135 countries to protect author’s rights, not scam artists rushing to the Federal Copyright office. You do not even have to register anymore to own a copyright [I think you may have to before entering litigation], and anymore, if it is YOUR WORK, then you own the work from the moment it is FIXED.

I do thank everybody for their help on the tech stuff, though. I am pretty worried about the loss of data though: I did find some data loss recovery for as low as $100, but I got estimates from a lab of $500 to 2500 to try and recover it. I am a novice on IDE stuff, but I am wondering if it could be a configuration thing. Thanks

i’m well aware of the berne convention and US copyright law. the berne convention does not regonize the SAME rights internationally. the minimum requirement to be a Berne Convention signatory is that you must extend the same rights to foreign authors as you do to authors within your own country. in the US or Europe this is a good deal. Somewhere like China…not such a good deal (chine IS a Berne convention signatory)

yes, people can challenge your copyright registration, and yes the first person to put it in a tangible for mowns the copyright, but don’t you think having a government agency on your side is a plus if you do ever have to go to court for copyright infringement?

in regards to mailing it to you, i posted that as sort of a joke. obviously there are a million ways to tamper with that method, although I’ve seen a sealed envelope contribute to a case in court in a positive sense.

good luck with the data recovery.

these days hard drives aren’t THAT expensive. if this information is that important to you i highly recommend purchasing an extra large capacity drive and do daily or weekly backups to it.

to ensure against 2 drives failing, burn to disc or print material out (if it’s written work) every time you make a substantive change…

unfortunately there aren’t many free data recovery programs out there. people charge an arm and a leg for them because then CAN. usually people looking into data recovery are desperate.

i recommend searching “data recovery” on the general software forum.

many times programs will retrieve the information only as raw data so much of it may not even be salvageable anyway if you have a large volume of work to sort through.