Second drive with NEC ND-3500

After reading the raving reviews about the NEC ND-3500, I am now a proud owner of the drive :slight_smile:

My question now is which of my current (old) drives should I keep as a second drive, my old DVD-player (Pioneer DVD-116) or my CD-burner (Philips CDD-4851)??

It seemed in the reviews that the weak spot of the NEC 3500 was the CD-reading, so I thought that maybe I should stick with the CD-burner. On the other hand the NEC 3500 is so much better (according to the specs) at writing CD-R’s as well that it seems stupid.

Any recommendations for a DVD-burning Newbie? :confused:

I’d keep your old Pioneer DVD-116 for ripping and on the fly recording. Or hook all 3 up.


Totally agree with rolling56 - keep the Pioneer 116 - hooking up all three (?) I guess thats possible - but probably not too practical since you have very good CD - RW with the 3500 (assuming GOOD MEDIA!!!)-


Dude, why not? The cd burner and dvd rom will save wear and tear on the 3500a. The DVD-ROM is a necessity for on the fly copies and ripping, plus it probably reads better than the 3500a. The cd burner is good for a reader and should keep the 3500a from doing tripple duty. My drives each have their specific purpose, so I kept them.

Thanks for the advice!!

I kept the DVD-player and the NEC is up’n running.

BTW: This forum really rocks! :bow:


Happy to have helped - now - when you want to really optimize your 3500 - get a Aopen 1648/aap DVDrom drive for your readin’ and rippin’ - it is currently the fastest DVDrom drive out there (About $30 US + shipping)-


How long does it take to rip an encrypted Dual Layer movie DVD using the Aopen and DVD Decrypter? Fastest I’ve seen no matter what the drive seems to be about 13-15 minutes.