Second disc won't play after splitting with DVDFab

I’ve searched the forums, and can’t seem to find anything addressing my problem.

I’ve followed the guides on doom9 and mrbass to use the free version of DVDFab, and Imgtool to split a DVD-9 to 2 DVD-Rs.

I was able to successfully split and burn the dvds. The first disc plays fine, but the second disc doesn’t play on either of my standalone players. On the Sony, it just says disc error. On the Onkyo (its a dvd/receiver combo unit) it displays a "Insert Disc 1) screen.

I’ve also tried using the “Create Video Manager” and “Correct DVD Sectors” options on the second disc files with DVDFab, but I still get the same results.

I’ve done quality scans using Nero CD/DVD Speed, and the have similar quality results as the first discs.

I’ve tried burning the Iso’s with DVDDecrypter and Nero - they both give me the same results.

I am using a Benq 1620 with B7T9 firmware, and Taiyo Yuden DVD+R (real, from Rima) with the booktype set to DVD-ROM.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Try another application like CloneDVD or Nero Recode.

I tried both this weekend. Same thing, the second disc doesn’t play.
I used DVDFab to split, and used the two programs you suggested to burn the image.
Any other suggestions?


The old free version of DVDFab really doesn’t work properly when used to split a Dvd 9 into 2 Dvd 5s. See this thread.

If you want to use Dvd Fab, try either the platinum or gold versions. Neither is free but both have trial periods and both do what you want to do quite simply and well.

Hey, furballi.

How do you split a DVD with Recode … while keeping the menus on at least on of the parts, like DVDFab does?

I was curious about doing this for a few of the 3 hour + movies that I wanted to back up, and 3 hours just seems excessive for a DVD5. Although, I did try it, and they look fine to me… go figure.

I know how to do it with “remake a dvd”, but I loose the menus if I do that.


I haven’t used Fab yet, either, but I downloaded it from Doom when another thread pointed out what it could do. Does Clone do the same … and is that free too?