Second 50 shows as 37 on preview

while using either AVI MPEG ASF WMV Splitter or the TEMPEG merger-joiner tool, I will have the same problem, when trying to cut the video from an specific frame as previewed on the preview window, because it will show the wrong frame everytime, I want to start the cutting from Second 50, but I need to be exact with miliseconds, but I can’t cuz Second 50 shows the 1:01Min, so I don’t know where I am, I think is a problem with the video file but I’m not sure please advise. The cutting does the job right, in terms of what second it is saying, it will cut from, but it doens’t adddress the correct frame so I can’t tell what I’m starting to cut.

Try MPEG2VCR, as TMPGEnc has real problems cutting mpeg2 streams correctly