Sears has Sony DVD+R 25 for 6.99$

A good chance for T02 :slight_smile:
Or even PM at Staples or whatever store that may carry MIJ Sony 8X T02 discs :bow:

Link? I didn’t see it on the website or circular

I was reading in Staples price match FAQ and it said. “We don’t match our store prices to those on other companies’ web sites”.

I just bought 50 MCC004s yesterday and this deal is just too good to resist. Darn it :stuck_out_tongue:

i haven’t seen sony T02s in over a year. although sears is the type of place the probably doesn’t move a lot of media very quickly so maybe i’ll go check for old time’s sake :slight_smile:

Low traffic store like sears would still have it. I am not saying Sears is low traffic, but not a lot of folks going in there to buy blank media and lately Sears and Staples are the only 2 retail stores still have some TY sony in stock. If this is an online thing, then dont even bother, but if it is an in store deal, then you should go check it out since you can hand select MIJ spindle. Reguardless of low traffic or not, spotting TY media is still YMMV.

If they don’t have a stock tell them what I want may they bring you right stuff
( some store still have some stock but it is in inventory room they didn’t display )

P.S I got 5case ( 50pc ) yesterday it was Inventory room

yeah i know the staples near me are cleaned out. I cleaned them out over a year ago lol. back when they gave coupons for any old generic ink cartridges I went a little nuts.

i don’t think I have any plans for tomorrow. I’ll check out a couple of sears in the area.

Awesome, thanks for the heads up! I haven’t been to Sears in years.

And also Sears will price match. The last sale Kmart had on Sony’s I had them price match. This was about a month ago. So it’s very possible they are are still out there. Sears had the octogonal spacer MIJ Sony’s so I knew they would be TY. Plus when they price match, it’s match plus 5% or something. Basically instead of $13 for 50 it was $12.20 instead. (Not sure of the math.)

It sounds like ancient story to me. I haven’t seen 25pk Sony T02 at Sears for more than a year. Only 50pk was available at Sears for a quite a while ago and it’s been long gone a few months ago. Now all of them are MIT. Only best bet is at Staples which I’ve seen 25pk MIJ about a months ago, which is the most recent discovery.

this will all vary by area. it’s definitely worth mentioning the deal though since it might work out for some people

i agree though…I’d be very surprised to find T02s anywhere near me but I’m going to waste the gas and check it out anyway!

if others fails to PM then there is always
ahem the good old cough cough :wink:

On second thoughts I feel the MCC004 are a better bet than the TYG02s. They are widely available and you get about the same quality and you can burn @ 16X.

nonetheless this is a great deal for the price!

Do you mean the “cough” trick ? :bigsmile:

Sorry for not providing link in the first post , I was in a very bad mode because I lost 100 T02 in the way from USA to Egypt :a and was searching like crazy for any other possible T02 deals

Just curious how you lost them :bigsmile:

Do you wish to find them ? :a

j/k :bigsmile:

A delayed bag that was sent from Nashville TN to NY and then to Cairo Egypt and lastlt to Assiut (a near city) and the whole bag was found except the 2 cakeboxes , I just called the head of Customs there and he promised me to look for them for me because I told him how important they are :wink: and that nobody else in the whole Egypt that would even know how [B]valuable[/B] they are.

Now , am I a true CDFreak ? :bigsmile:

I asked my brother in TN and a friend in CA to look for some for me and keep my fingers crossed for T02 :slight_smile:

Just checked my local Sears this morning. All Sony packs are MIT. :frowning:

Hi larc919,

Are MIT Sonys worth buying?