Searching usb contorler4oldHDDs supportinCHSdetails or other solution



Ok, so I’ve got quite a lot of real old HDDs here waiting for there last check on vital data befor ther final last spins to the dump :flower:
I’m talking bout drives before LBA(Logical Block Addressing) was standard so i think some of them got 300MB and even less…
So before you ask me which vital data could be stored on a drive that nobody even looked at for years…(mainly related to other projects e.g.where i could use the old Programs on a pre-comodore-laptop-TANKs:bow:hehe)…I’ll stick to the prob:

Since it’s not only 2drives I’ve got in mind I’d love to be able to manually set the CHS(cylinder-head-sector)-config on an external, possible an usb device - since I guess thats the reason why my controller doesnt recognize them

Checked some on an old pc without any probs, so not on the hdd side

So perhaps you know of any such raw usb contoller of got a better solution - besided chuck that crap…:disagree:


For such antique HDDs, you want to use a computer of the same age.
Modern hardware like IDE controllers or USB/IDE adapters support only drives that comply with modern standards. BTDTNT