Searching TV Card

I’m going to buy a TV Card and it should have following abilitys:

Hardware MPEG 1&2
FM Tuner (Radio)
TV :wink: and a remote control

My current favorite is the Hauppauge WinTV PVR 350.

Any recommendations?

i’m searching too for one, i wanted one that support hardware MPEG2, but after reading this article ( i want now software mpeg, and i’m going for Terratec Cinergy 400

Thanks… interesting article :wink:

The Terratec is cheap but i need the FM Tuner (not needing… but i would like to have one :wink: )

So i will buy the Hauppauge WinTV PCI FM

Terratec Cinergy 600 has FM tuner also…

The terratec looks fine :wink:

Thx for you help :bow:

I’d go for an 10-bit capture card instead of a 9-bit one (Terratec).

what’s this story of 9 or 10 bit??

The capture chip.

Check this thread:

more specifically this link by Stoner:

I am also persoanlly a fan of MSI TV@anywhere series

Thanks for your recommandations :wink: :bow:

lol… another problem…

i bought the msi (the cheapest one :D) and i installed all drivers and programms without any problem…

My configuration:

My TV gets the signal from:

  • aerial - recept the 2 regional channels (austrian channels)
  • and a sat-receiver

I split this signal to my TV Card

now… i have following problem with the programm “Win DVR 2”

I started it - Setup - Channel (Under the point “TV” i selected “Aerial” and also i tried “Cable”)

When i start “Autoscan” only the aerial programms appear, but i couldn’t get the receiver channel. But when i connect the cable from the TVCard to my 2nd TV i get the receiver channel. This is very weird (like my english, i’m sorry for every fault,mistake etc. :smiley: my english is very bad…)

Ok problem solved, i turned the card back to the shop, because the pc always freezes when i switched… and i wasn’t to able to fix this… maybe more luck with a terratec or hauppauge card… :wink:

Make sure that the card uses a dedicated IRQ, not a shared one. It’s highly important for capture cards to work properly.

thx… i will put my card into a dedicated slot