Searching to buy buisness card shaped CD's - Please help

Hello Eveyone

I’m new in this forum and I was wondering if cann help me.

I would like to buy Printable buisness card shaped CD’s

I need a reqtangular and Not Hockey ring CD’s.

The dimensions I need are 59x85 mm

does anyone know who can sell these to me in the US?

I need about 2000 Pcs aat first, but the following shipments should be bigger

Thank you very much
Liran Ankri

Like these???

Sorry looks like they are out of stock, you can always call and see if they know when they will be coming in.

Here you go, looks like they are in stock.

Wow, those square ones look like they could be pretty harsh on a drive. Anyone ever used them?

I also found those on the web.

but they are not good enough for me

I need a 50 Mb CD’s, these are only 30 mb.

these are also very expensive. I yould like them to be no more then 30 cent per each. (30$/100 CD’s)

I found the Cd’s I’m looking for in hong kong and taiwan but i’m having trubles with the shipment

I need information on a manufacturer of those CD’s in the US (If there is one)

I wouldn’t use such non-CDs in dvd burners nor with speeds faster than 12x in normal cd burners.

thanx for the advice! :slight_smile:

But, can someone please help me and answer my question???

Have used the ebusiness cards in a lot of different drives without any problem. Since they are CD’s the strange shape doesn’t seem to give any problems. Burnt them at 32x without a problem.

Use them for business presentations as they look good with a glossy label on them and a powerpoint presentation on each one.

I get them in the UK though so dont know where you could get them in the US. Is there nothing on Google?