Searching for US Shop which ships to europe


Im a european guy which decides to help US economics a bit.

I want to order some DVD media from US. Somebody know a reliable US shop which ships also to europe?

The benefit for me would alse be a nice price cause of the EUR/DOLLAR exchange course.

WHat about Taxes and so on if I order from US?


“Im a european guy which decides to help US economics a bit.”

what 0_o ?

The US has customs laws against exporting technology. Anyone shipping overseas has to have special permits, and very few, (if any), are willing to do it.
You’d have better luck getting someone here to buy them and mail them to you.
(someone besides me)

lol, U really think this is illegal? Since when?

I can buy DVD-Videos from US. Explain why I shouldn´t be able to buy DVDRs.

Since when are blank DVD media a technology? Its a good, nothing more. And even if they were “technology”, they are not invented by US people.


Perahps you can point out where I said anything is illegal?

Meritline/ ships internationally, see their international shipping policy here.

You shouldn’t be charged any US sales taxes, though you may have to pay any customs duty involved.

as long as you keep under €22 dutys shouldnt pose a problem :slight_smile:

I had a very bad experience ordering from meritline and I live in the US. They shipped my order to someone else and kept me waiting saying “we’ll look into it and will reolve the issue in 2 days”. After 3 weeks of waiting, I contacted my credit card company to get my money back.

Yup, better try rima.
They usually select the best way to ship.


I´m sorry for the misunderstanding. I´m not that perfect in english and unfortunatly I recognized Ur post differently than U meant.

Anyway, thanks for all the links.

Price compare:
Here u can get 16x Verbatim for 1 EUR
at u can get them for 0.4 DOLLAR = 0.31 EUR

But more than 40 DOLLARs for shipping is really much. And the 22 EUR Limit for tax free importing to the EU is also not very much.

Thx for the shopinfo, but:
“At present time, only U.S. and Canadian orders are accepted.”

At seems its not good atm to import from US shops.

Thx at all for the suggestions.

Happy new Year @all.