Searching for "THE" DVD-burner

I’ve heard from a friend, there are many professionals in this forum.:slight_smile:

Sorry for the bad english, as I’m a german student:o

OK, I want to buy a DVD-burner, but can’t make a decision about the manufacturer.
I’ve already a Toshiba DVD-ROM (SD-M1612) and that’s a god-like thing.
It’s very silent; it turns down the rpm when reading slowly … (It has more than I think 5 RPM-stages).
My DVD-burner, an LG-GSA4163b, is a 3-speed drive. slow, medium, fast. And it turns 1 minute or so after end of reading. And some bad CD’s can’t be read by my LG, but my Toshiba does. So the EFM-correction is much better I think.

The things I want are:

  • CD/ DVD Quality scanning (I think Plextor has it with his plextools?)
  • silent
  • very good efm-correction

So can anyone give me suggestions?
I had the idea to buy the Plextor PX-800a. Good or bad?
How’s pioneer? NEC? Liteon? Asus?

Features I want to use:
DVD-r DVD+r and RW burning
DVD-RAM burning
DVD-DL burning (DVD+dl is optional)
I don’t need blueray or hd-dvd.

Thanks to anyone helping (and understanding) me.:wink:

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I recommend LiteOn, as they’re pretty tolerant of read errors and/or dirty/damaged discs, but they’re only useful for scanning DVDs, not CDs.

However, some of them are a bit noisy at higher speeds.

Samsung would be another good choice for the same reasons (except they’re a lot quieter), but others will have to comment on their scanning abilities as I don’t scan with mine.

For CD scanning, you’re right, Plextor - or BenQ - would be the drives to consider. Sadly you may have a hard time finding either as they’re now not being made (any Plextors after the 760, I believe, are rebadges of other drives).

So unless you can find a BenQ or Plextor, there will have to be a trade-off somewhere in what features you’d like. This is partly why a lot of us own multiple drives - one drive to cover the other’s weaknesses etc.

The 4163B is a legendary drive BTW, had one myself and loved it. :wink:

The Toshiba 1612 is an old and good, but no godlike drive!
It is already many years old.

Try to read a DVD+RW in it. You will be shocked & surprised.