Searching for SPD1400BD




I am searching for the SPD1400BD/97 or SPD1400BD/96 DVD Drive…I am not really interested in quality, but in the appearance. I live in Italy, so I’m searching for an internet shop which delivers international too.

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If you want the cute fron/bezel of Philips, why not get a DVDR1660K/00. You’ll get both quality and appearance.

There is also a review by Jan70 here.


In fact, I actually have a 1660K. But I need the black version…and the only black version of the 1660K design seems to be the SPD one.


I have to agree with you, black SPD1400BD looks cooool. :iagree:

Hope you’ll find a link to a webshop they are for sale.


I am also searching for Philips SPD1400BD. I called Philips and they said it is available in the US, now I need to find it. Internet search is not really helping me. Thanks.


is the black bezel the ONLY difference between the DVDR1660K and the SPD1400BD?
because i would like to buy that drive, but i too want a black bezel…



Seems so, according to