Searching for H12L firmware for riplock removal



I want to remove the riplock of H12L. The faq says its possible but i can’t find any firmware files. Can anyone help me out?

I have another E10L recorder that i could patch but its not listed/confirmed as supported device of mcse. Anyone tried anyway?


Why don’t you just download the MCSE and the FWs from TDB’s website and try?


Probably because there is no released H12L firmware update.


Either the faq is wrong or there is none indeed.

FAQ #16

[B]16.Does anti-riplock firmware exist for my LG writer?[/B]
It is possible to remove the riplock for the following drive models using Media Code Speed Edit (MCSE)



the FAQ is [I][B]slightly[/B][/I] in error, it is possible for H12N, not H12L.


^Ack… my bad. Thought it was the H12N. Gotta keep my glasses on…


Hmm… my fault here.

I dimwittedly just followed the support list for the riplock patch from ala42’s website. I didn’t bother checking first if the firmware actually existed.

Made a slight correction to the FAQ to reflect that it may be possible for the H12L once firmware for it appears.