Searching for Folder Placement Optimization Tool DVDR

This is a long shot but I was hoping to find someone here that can help me with my horrible memory. Some time ago I had a utility that would scan your folder selections and list the best order to burn them or place them on DVDRs in order to waste as little space as possible. Does anyone happen to know the name of that tool or have a link? My searching has come up short so I have resorted to making a post about it. I don’t think it did the actual burning though, but cannot remember for sure.


ummm, try these?

Would this be what your looking for … [B]Burn to the Brim 2.9[/B]

Burn to the Brim Publisher’s Description

Utility for determining how to ideally fit files and folders on a CD or other medium. In almost all cases it will find near- and perfect solutions within seconds. It will optionally move each found group to a seperate directory ready for copying or burning. The program is optimized for quick performance and considers the most promising options first. It also minimizes the search length by fast detection of dead ends.

Updated link to current 2.9 version[/B]

YES! Ignition was what I had used before. Burn to the Brim looks good to and I will check it out. Thank you very much to the both of you. My search skills were just not able to pull up those programs :frowning: I appreciate it very much.