Searching for firmware wisdom

:wink: I’m a 77 year old Newbie to this forum but I do have some experience with altering firmware of dvd burners. I own an LG 4082B and an NEC 2500A which were successfully changed with the help of the Dangerous Brothers. Both are still working well after 1 year and many burns. Mostly movie dvds.

I now own a virgin NEC 3520A that I bought for its promised 16x speed with the 1.04 firmware. It’s awaiting consummation until sometime after 5-1-05 when NEC comes out with its latest firmware.

The only changes I want to make are RPC! and RIPLOCK, but I have a dilemma. There are so many smart choices out there that I don’t know which selection to make I want the best for my new sweetheart, you know.

There’s the Dangerous duo, L&D, Mad Dog’s got a bite too. Who to pick from?

I prefer the Dos flash, so maybe this will simplify the selection.

Also, I’m not hep on bit setting. Maybe if someone explains the virtue of this feature, it might make a difference in my choice. I just don’t know.

I believe in the old German philosophy: “Ve get so soon old, und so late schmart”, so I don’t want to hurry with this.

Anyone? :iagree:

I am not really farmiliar with the 3520 firmwares as I have a 3500 but I have had great luck with mad dog firmware and I intend to change to dee and liggys soon (it comes highly recomended for the 3500 anyway). I can tell you the advantage of bitsetting though. Bitsetting is done for compatibility. It only works with +r disks. Dvd’s have an area on the disk that contains information about the disk that can be read by the player/burner such as the media code (true manufacture and model of the disk on a recordable) of the disk if it is recordable, region information etc. Part of that information is the book type (what kind of disk it identifys itself as) and on dvd+r the book type can be written when recording. Basically, bitsetting makes the drive write the disk so that it falsely identifies itself as a dvd-rom rather than a dvd+r. Basically that means that the disk will be able to play on some players that cannot play +r media but can play dvd-rom. Some players will not even try to read a +r as they see it as an incompatible format but if it identifies as a dvd-rom, they try to read it and can. Most newer players can play +r so it’s not a very big issue with newer players, but thier are still some newer players it can help with. It is much more common with older players for them to not be able to play a +r unless it is bitset.
In other words, it is just going to increase compatibility with stand alone dvd players and game consoles like the ps2, portable and car dvd players etc. As thier is no down side to doing this (you are not going to run across any players that will play a +r but not a bitset +r), I always recomend it.

Thanks.Ripit, for the reply. I might just take a flier on this but I’m still not sure.