Searching for damaged writers


I am searching for one of the following burners, based on the Teac CD-R56S, with working electronics and mailfunctioning mechanics:

  • Waitek WT624
  • Dynatek CDM6240
  • Hi-Val H624S-00R
  • Smart&Friendly TurboWriter 6x24

I’ll explain it.
I have made my Teac CD-R56S-600 unworkable, problably by updating the firmware using a wrong version of Windows. The burner is not even recognized by the BIOS-tool of my Adaptec 2940U2W-SCSI-card at boot anymore. Even Teac (Germany) doesn’t have aonther solution but buying a new one. It’s garantee is no more.

Does anybody have one of the above burners with bad/worn-out mechanics but working electronics?

Please reply,