Searching for an old PC game

Hey everyone,

I’m looking for a PC game that was probably released before 2000 as I first played it at least 8 years ago.

You controlled a boy who is investigating some mystery and the first stage is to get into a warehouse (?), so you need to distract the guard and lure the guarddog onto a flap of wood with dogfood and pull the bar below it so the dog falls into the water and swims away before climbing the fence to get in.


The game you are looking for is (BROKEN SWORD) there are 3 or 4 of that name

Thank you! I didn’t think that I would be finding it so quickly!

If you get stuck try,
this site has walkthrough’s for lots of older games

Yeah, I use those walkthroughs when I want to get a perfect game in Final Fantasys. Have already taken a peek at them during the first scenes of templar knights…