Searching for a tool: blank/used cd checker?

i have alot of cds laying around
i need a little tool to tell me witch cds are blank and witch are used

where can i download such a tool?

the honest helper will be worshiped :bow: :smiley:

windows explorer works just fine for these purposes … you could also hold them up to a bright light, and look for burnt lines :wink:

i know but i want to tell the diffrent between blank cd and defective cd
and a tool will make it easier:)

when i put the cd in the drive it’s coming out :confused:

you can use nero to do this. Select RECORDER --> MEDIUM INFO. this will tell you wether the disc is empty or not.

can also use (CDRIdentifier)

mmmm… i started to look for this tool because roxio CD Copier said my cdr are’nt cdrs
i checked with nero and he said my cdrs are indeed cdrs :slight_smile:
checked with CD Copier again but no luck :frowning:
then i checked with CDR Media Code Identifier
and it didn’t help much
i checked with CD Copier again and it seems he changed his mind

i guess my YAMAHA 8/8/24 is officially fucked:bigsmile:
Could not perform Fixation :frowning:

10x :smiley:

:bow: vishtaspa