Searching a dvd-writer for 8x +RWs

Hi, I’m searching for a dvd-writer with the ability of writing RWs with good quality.
I’ve bought a pack of 25 8x RWs from Ritek and Ricoh and the are useless with my Benq 1640.
In the new ct (geman computer journal) is a short review of the NEC 4571 and they say that the 4571 can write the RWs (highspeed 8x) with good quality. Can anyone confirm this?
Is there any other writer (new LG or Pioneer)?
Perhaps some scans of 8x +RWs?


Pio 110 and 111 burners can burn them with good results!
Didn’t try with Riteks, but the Ricohs are working great and if you want to try with 6x -RW, choose Verbatims, They are awesome!

The conclusion in the c’t test was that BenQs are not that good for burning RW and DL dvd media.

LG GSA-4163B has been supporting 8x DVD+RW and 6x DVD-RW for a long time now… :confused:

But not Ritek008.

I get acceptable resuts on Ritek008 with both the NEC 4550 and LiteOn 1635. Liteon 165P6S is worthless for the Ritek, burn quality is very bad.

In the c’t 08/2006 they wrote that the LG GSA-H20L (1.00), Pioneer DVR-111 (1.02), Plextor PX-760A (1.00) and the Samsung SH-W163 (TS01) are not able to write the Ricoh DVD+RW 8x ( RICOHJPN W21) in acceptable quality. They didn’t test the RITEK.

This is the DL problem, we can only trust drive manufacturers to work with Verbatim :frowning:

Hi, I don’t understand. What is the DL problem?

I can not find Verbatim DVD+RW 8x at any shop.

as far as I know there are only 6X DVD-RW discs made by verbatime but the quality on them is supposed to be brilliant.

Yes, thos and Ricohs 8x +rw are top notch actually.

I’ve thought that “MKM 8X DVD+RW” are Verbatims.
They are used in the reviews from cdrinfo.

MKM is Verbatims, but only their -RW 6x and the Ricohs 8x +RW are really great.

Yes the Ricohs are good - but the burn strategies not.
My Benq1640 writes them at the beginning with 6x and the rest with 8x.
The area which is burned 6x is worst. Most of the standalone can not recognize these discs. The scans with the Benq seems to be o.k. but using my LiteOn the bad part is clearly to see.
The 8x part is great.

That’s the Benqs weakpoint… underestimated by all those who hype the Benqs too much (IMO).

Well, I’d like to find some Verbs MKMA03… judging from this post of [I]zevia[/I] I’d put them in the “great” list too…

[I]chef[/I] (or anyone else, of course), did you manage to find them somewhere in Europe? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve only found Philips and Ricoh 8x +RW (if you mean 8x +RW) so far.

Nothing here too:

I’ve bought a spindle of 25 discs from TRAXDATA 8x DVD+RW.
The mediacode is RITEK 008.

Again, inferior.