I am looking for this typical part for the [B]Philips DVD Recorder[/B]:

Philips DVDR1000MKII:


Flashrom[/B] with the approperiate software version. the most recent (last?) softwareversion is according to the Philips-site: Firmware Upgrade - Software
Engels, Zip-bestand (6.32 MB) V6.3

Flashrom identification, subscription: -type? -number?
Flashrom aviablitity: how, where to get?

Can anyone help me?

Were is this flashrom to get or were can this machine still be supplied of this item? It still must be to get on the market here and there, if it is in Belgium, Germany, Netherlands of Spain.


Also technical scheme’s (complete?) are very welcome. From a Philips laserengine i found a technical drawing.

If there are people which do nothing anymore with this DVD Recorder (supplied with the mentioned flashrom?), please let me also know.

Remark: If wishfull, i certainly can be in toch with you personally!