Search proficient product for LG GDR-H30N-NR DVD Rome

hallo, am new here.
Search for LG DVD Rome disk drive firmware or altanativ FW. Original FW. is 1.00

Have with the DVD Rome problems in Windows XP pursued, there it is absolutely slow. (3x-12x speed no matter whether CD-R or DVD+R/-R )

And in MS-DOS modus it has full speed.

Do you hope can help me?

[B]Sorry: :o[/B]
if this meant

[B]DVD drive LG GDR-H30N-RB [/B]

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Hi and Welcome!

your issues are not firmware related. I suspect, DMA is not enabled for your drive. Check this:


Hello @ mciahel,

DMA Fashion 2 is enabled for your LG Drive GDR H30N-RB drive.

My DVD distiller LG GSA-H50L is around something faster with read in to a CD / DVD like LG GDR-H30N-RB.

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Next step:
Make sure, the drive is properly installed and configured. Check jumper settings and position of the drive on the cable. Refer to the manual that came with the drive, it is also available on

My LG GDR-H30N-RB is on master gejumpert and my LG GSA-H50L DVD distiller is on Slave gejumpert.

Drivers of the chip sentence are topical.

Have the DVD drive on another computer is tried out same problem. (Slowly speed 3x - 12 x)

With what this can only lie :confused:

mfg Blue32

It would be better if you could post in the german section.

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