Search .pdf files



I have a directory full of .pdf files. I am looking for a utility which allows me to search all .pdf files in one batch for a certain keyword.

Untill now I haven’t been able to find something with Google…


And Windows cannot search inside the documents?
Word documents and such are supported when using the search for text feature…


Translated your post into English :wink:


Unfortunately not… it does work for Word documents, but not for .pdf files…

But this is exactly the kind of functionality I would like to have for .pdf! If somebody has any suggestion on this topic, I would like to here that. :slight_smile:


try this, found it in google


Ok, looks good, downloading it now… unfortunately it is not freeware… anybody knows of a freeware solution?


This does not look good… it is an ASP component, which can be used by developpers… I need a stand-alone application.


Bump… anybody any suggestion?

#7 appears to have much freeware of this type.

just one example that claims to search pdf’s is this here:


UPDATE… just tried that link, that program works great. Used it to find some pdf’s for fun. But I noticed its not free, its $10. If its worth the 10 bux I guess get it, otherwise keep searching for free pdf text file search software. I am actually impressed by this, easy user interface.

Hope it helped :smiley:


Thanx for your effort xtacydima! I really appreciate it. I am going to try your suggestion now. Hope it works…

The tool you recommend looks very promising! But… somehow it can find some words in my pdf files but not all… allthough I checked manually to see if the words were really in…

I am getting tired of this search for some basic search functionality. :frowning:


found this link

looks interesting


found this site …all about pdf…
they have tools, but i don’t know if they have what you are looking for


Thanx everybody! I am going to try all your suggestions! :slight_smile:


I finally found something what does what I want!

dtSearch desktop

Unfortunately it costs $200… now I have to convince my employer I really need this tool…

Btw: According to this page there are several reasons possible why a pdf-indexer might not be able to retrieve the text. In my case it is probably the fact my pdf files are protected against modification… That is probably the reason why other pdf-indexers couldn’t find anything.

But if somebody still have another (freeware) suggestion, please let me know!!!