Search option on main forum page

when i try to use the search option on the main page it is hidden behind the Sparklehorse add, i’m just able to click on the advanced options to be able to search.

could just be my PC but hopefully not

i now see the Sparklehorse add has been removed.


Ahhh, i now see the Sparklehorse add has been put back on

a little responce would be nice, to see if anybody else has this problem!!!


Have just tried this myself and have found the same problem.
I usually right click and use the more advance features.
I know the board has to advertise but I find this particular Ad annoying and it has made me determined not to look at the product or buy it. This is in contrast to a number of other Ad’s that I have used to look at and buy other peoples products.

It is not our intention to block features from the site with advertisements. Unfortunately we are dependant on what the advertising agency serves us. Also the banner differs from country to country so we can’t check it all. I haven’t seen those ads, but maybe you could send me a screenshot so I could check it out?

Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause!

Robin, i’ve sent a PM to you with the screen shot.

it’s also does it with the quick links

i’m sure it’s just with the sparklehorse banner ad

I see that we have a new Ad but the problem remains, any idea when it might be fixed?

i can’t search at all :slight_smile:

Well I dont know if this is illegal… but maybe you guys should try to create a bookmark to

I havent seen that Ad though.

This would be nice if you can add the mod for this bookmark deal!

Most security programs have an option to " Block banner ads " I know Kapersky does because I use it and I never even see those ads, but even my old version of Computer Associates A/V and Firewall had a setting to do this. If you look maybe your A/V firewall program has this option.