Search function not working

Both the quick search and advanced search are not currently working. In both Internet Explorer and Firefox, I’m simply given a blank page instead of any search results.

I can confirm, this happens to me also in some circumstances.


I have a simelar problem. when viewing in opera.i click on the search, it opens up but the ad stays in front?infact anywhere theres a ad it stays in front??i can see under the ad that somthings there,but i cant click on anything?(all functions are under the ad!!).
is it in my browser or in the sight??

Anyone else having problems with the search???

Hi… please use this thread for discussing the issue. :slight_smile:



I would have but because I can’t search and the thread is five days old it would have taken me three hours to find the thread to post in!!

Of course, mine was not a remark. It’s just to keep all informations grouped together. :flower:


Search still isn’t working, in Firefox I get option to download search.php file every time I try to search and in IE i get a blank page…

Some resolution of this issue would be greatly appreciated.

everthing is fine here, I use FF too

I still cannot use either search. I have tried in both FF, Opera, and IE. I even tried to default in all of them and still nothing. I have had this problem for quite a while. i just thought is was something i was experiencing so i didnt want to clutter the forum with my junk.

:doh: Same problem today.