Search For Movie Piracy Equipment Was Invasion of Privacy

A Canadian court has ordered a cinema to pay $10,000 damages after staff searched a family’s bags looking for camming equipment, but ended up breaching their privacy. The search by staff also turned up something embarrassing in older daughter’s bag. Mom had no idea. Not impressed.



If my movie theater ever treated me like that, they can kiss my money goodbye - I’d never go there again!

It makes me wonder how many family holiday makers end up being kicked out of cinemas because they didn’t (or couldn’t) leave their filming gear behind.

Here in Ireland, camping is a very popular way of families going on holiday, with tents and camping sites seen all over the place during the summer. I remember as a child we use to go camping around Ireland every year and went to the cinema every evening while camping out. With tents being no more secure than an unlocked shed, we always carried our camera gear with us.

With most people taking camcorders on holidays (inc. digital cameras capable of HD video), the cinemas are really going to lose out if they expect holiday makers to leave their gear behind.

Another problem cinema operators and the movie industry should realise is that if a person is refused entry or kicked out as if they were attempting to smuggle a knife on a plane, there is a good chance that person may never go to any cinema again! People go to the cinema for entertainment, not because they have to and there are many other ways to enjoy a night out that don’t have any more screening than an ID check for age.

Now imagine a sensor that could detect a filming camcorder while it’s beeing used in a theater. No more need for such improper invasion of privacy… unless looking for illegal snacks and pop. :stuck_out_tongue:

If this kind of piracy is so damagable for this industry, I’m surprised that they don’t invest more in keen protection (with all the money raised thru lawsuits and all).

It’s like this presumption from shop owners that all the back packs bearers are thieves so they have to leave their bags to a cashier who, after his/her shift will be replaced by one who doesn’t know who the bag belongs to, who can basically give it to anyone who sees the darn bag!! (sometimes containing more valuables than 1000 times the the purchase). My former local grocery store owner asked me to leave the premises because I didn’t want to leave my camera bag (jammed packed with 10K$ of equipment, so full, I couldn’t put anything more in it) at the cashier so I never went there again. The same guy who sold my aging mom 1 mango for 10 bucks!!! Who’s the thief?

I seems to me that they are trying to stop a swarm of locusts with a fly swatter. The damage they do to ticket sales from breaching people’s privacy is more than any odd camera that might make it into the theater. I have never seen this kind of behavior in movie theaters in the US. I don’t think many people here would let them run through their personal items just to see a movie.

If they tried to search me or anything I brought with me the fight would be on as soon as they made the mistake of putting a hand on me.
They could ask me to leave first & give a full refund or not sell me a ticket in the first place.But search me no.
I might even sue for my time on principal for asking me to leave with ticket refund.

IMO, after they take your money, they have no right to search you. If it is done it should be before any transaction is made.