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Submitted by: Igua

Igua, webmaster from CoverUniverse, has developed a searchengine for cd-covers on his site.
It allows you to search cd-covers in any category and gives you a clear overview of…

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Nice layout, There are still a lot of dead links however!

Which links are dead? If you report them I can fix those.

Works great! Igua nice job Check I’ve added the search engine to MP3 Quest.

I’ve seen it Falcon, it looks great, hope people will make much use of it

Paradox (and others), I’ve added an automatic broken link reporter. This will report all broken links to me so I can fix them as soon as possible.

The number of dead links reduced almost overnight already!!! Great Job! there are still some odd ones which I would try to keep you informed of. Is there any way we can contribute some ofthe more recent covers to your URL Igua? like uploading some to your site?

Yesterday I got a lot of reports of broken links which I repaired immediately. Today I will continue doing this, so that every broken link will be repaired.

As for the new cd-covers you offer. There are two FTP-servers running where you can upload those cd-covers. The first one is a 100Mbit with 100Mb limit, but open 24/7 (always):
Port: 22
Login: covers
Password: upload

The other one is on my own computer, so I’ll have them right away. This is a cable connection, which can be uploaded to with max. 200Kb/s, so that shouldn’t make the difference. Though this server is only online at daytime CET+1):
Port: 21
Login: covers
Password: upload

So just try these servers to upload the cd-covers and I will put them online ASAP.

If you can supply me cd-covers more often or got a very large collection you want to send me, contact me for a private account, or in case of the large collection you can send it to me by cd.

Thnx for upping