Search for bad sector scanning proggy

As above…:slight_smile:
I’m looking for a proggy that shows the value of the 1st block number where read errors start and the where the last unreadable sectors end(ie:807–>10038) on a cd…Does it exist?
I know you can find that out by reading the logfile of CloneCd,DiscJuggler and so on,but I don’t wanna make the image…it’s just for calculating the values…


TNX for the reply,M8…:),but with bétablocker you still have to make the image before you can check the sectors…

Clony can serve as a bad sector scanner. Just disable the “quit after 5 read errors” option so that it goes all the way

I’ve compared the bad sector scanning between Clony and Duplicator for Max Payne…They show different results:both start at sector 807 and end at sector 10038,but Duplicator finds another part of the cd that has unreadable sectors,almost at the end of the cd:starts at 358327, ends at 40000…:confused: :confused:

Bad sectors at the end of the cd don’t fit into any protection scheme normally, they are usually a result of scratches etc.

Don’t know why clony won’t detect these late bad sectors, maybe it’s less sensitive

slow your read down - most bad sectors like that occur because your drive is spinning fast, and even very minor things that a slower read would read perfectly can be seen as ‘bad sectors’

TNX for the heads up,guys…:slight_smile:
@ckin:I’ve got these different results between both programs with the same drive and the same reading speed…:slight_smile: