Search down?




Is anyone else having problems using Search? I keep getting Page not found errors and have tried it on 2 different PC’s at both work and home.



It’s working for me, on this PC at least. IE6, Win XP. :slight_smile:

Just tried a straight search for PowerDVD, no Advanced stuff.


Fine here with XP and firefox.
Perhaps there is a gremlin roaming about in the new servers, as others have reported problems with search?


Does not work for me???



Getting “Page Not Found” errors on many attempts-eh!



Given the amount of reports we’re now taking this annoying error to the next stage, Liggy will do some testing first and if he is able to find the cause we will ask our webhosting company to change some settings.


I’ll start debugging the search function now. So don’t be surprised if you get some output that appears to be nonsense. But this is the only way for me to trace this problem.


Debugging finished and search problems (hopefully) improved.
It definitely was caused by too many retrieving too many results for some search phrases.


Liggy, are you still investigating the search function?

I have started to use google for finding posts and threads on CDFreaks, because the search function all too often returns no results even for search terms that definitely should return something, or it doesn’t return all applicable results.

Is there a hidden limit for how far back the search will go?

Here’s an example of a search that doesn’t work as it should:

Go to the Blank Media forum, use the Search this Forum function, search for “bulb” (without the quotes).

The search will return only two results (see attachment below):

Normal for a Disc to go this bad after a month? (Blank Media)
Audio CD Woes (Blank Media)
Showing results 1 to 2 of 2

But there are other threads containing the word “bulb” in the Blank Media forum, but they are not included in the search results:
How a tiny bit of dust can ruin your scan
Which Media? Anyone able to recommend for an NEC 3520A

There may be more threads in the Blank Media forum with the word “bulb”, but these two should be enough to illustrate the search problem.


No. I wasn’t working on this one any more. Some posts not being shown as results (bulb) might be caused by some threads not being indexed due to failures or something like that. But recreating the search index takes a lot of time, so I’m not going to do this.


I just use the normal search feature and always get page can not be display almost every time. Everything is up to date and using IE6.