Search burner good with protected audio cd and

…and which can copy safedisk 2.51+
plextor 40/12/40 cant do sd 2.51 but good with audio protected cd
lite on 40… DO safedisk 2.51 but bad with key2audio and cactus
asus good for sd 2.51+ but is it good like plextor for key2audio and cactus ? cdr-info say asus bad but if you have an asus can you confirm ?
is there a burner that can do good sd2.51+ key2audio and cactus (like twin plextor+ liteon)
lg ?tdk ?..NONE ?
in fact does a good burner game +audio exist ?
seems no but if you have information.

You may want to take a look at CDMate’s hardware support page:

cdmate give informations for write correct efm like clonecd help.
finally informations for audio protection compatibility are needed ,this is my principal request.

Plextor 24x and 40x can do SD 2.51+, it only requires AWS being enabled.
If you want to do SD 2.51+ without AWS and read audio protections, buy both a Plextor and a LiteOn.

thank for the info alexnoe because i was thinking the plext can’t !do the safedisk 2.51+ SOMETINES because it is not perfect for write correct efm says clonecd help.
but if it can backup ALL the last safedisk 2.51+ with aws enabled ,well i think it’s the better choice for me (final result a working game backup :slight_smile: ,except if another drive is better than plextor for audio protections?
does a burner is better than plex for key2audio , cactus ?