Search and quicklinks dropdowns blocked by huge advert

Could you guys make sure that your adverts don’t block the dropdowns in the forums? Kind of a no-brainer. :slight_smile:

  • Tim

Unfortunately we can only block advertisers manually once they are reported and case by case. The majority of the advertisements are text links which do not interfere with the layout and it’s of course no option for us to remove all advertisements because there are only a handfull of them nasty.

Unfortunately occasionally there are advertisers that use different formats that are annoying, these are in the Adsense rotation but are not shown to everyone. Adsense advertisements can be targetted at languages, regions, specific sites, certain keywords etc. This means there are several factors that deterimine which advertisement is shown to you and therefore other people (like us) might not see the annoying one.

The only solution is to post the advertiser (and/or the URL) so we can manually block it, Adsense has an option for it. But usually after a while these advertisements will dissapear by themselves as the advertiser will notice click caused by mistake delivering them people who don’t want to pay, while they have to pay for each click.

Hmm… so is it a case of the given advertising not adhering to your banner-size guidelines? Or just a misconfiguration?

Here is the link for the offending advertiser:

  • Tim