Search and Identify DRM files

I have a large collection of music that I have on an external hard drive. I would like to further organize these files in ones that are DRM and ones that are not DRM.

Is there an easy way to search the files (out of a music program like iTunes) and just quickly identify which files have are DRM protected, versus those that are not?

Any help appreciated.

Hi me too. I found today that Explorer has an optional column for Protected. Now I am looking for a more powerful way to turn on this option for a whole tree, and to scan programmatically for this Protected attribute.

If you open audio in Windows Media Player, it will tell you wether it is protected or not in the ‘Protected’ column. However, it does not detail what type of DRM is being used which is not completely helpful. If you want more detail on the copy protection of the audio, then i recommend using protection scanning software, good programs include ‘Protection ID’ and ‘A-Ray Scanner’.

Hope that helps :smiley: