Seamless music cd

Hi im putting together a mixed audio cd… I have cut my main wav file into 11 tracks. My recording is 45 minutes long and is one long track… but i have split it into 11 tracks so i can choose what i piece of music i want to listen to… The only problem is… when i write it the tracks make it non-seamless… so inbetween tracks it stops then plays the next track… i want it to be seamless so it wont stop but still be able to choose my tracks.

Can anyone plz help me… I have Roxio Easy cd creatior which i would prefer to use but i also have Nero

Thx for your time

If you are recording in track-at-once mode, it will insert a 2 second gap between tracks.

If you record the tracks in Easy CD Creator using disk-at-once (DAO) mode, it shouldn’t insert a gap between tracks. The default in EZCD is no gap between tracks. You can confirm this by outlining all tracks, right clicking and selecting Transition Effects. The Length of Gap should be 00:00:00.

DAO is the preferred mode for recording music. :wink:

Read this sticky thread on how to create a continuous playing cd with Nero.