Seamless burning with Nero 6 to avoid pauses?


I’m fairly new to CD recording (well, call me a caveman). At least, I’m not particularly into how a recording process is performed, but it’s time to change and first out is a question regarding seamless burning.

I tried to record a 60 minutes long mix of music that I composed last year (great for parties and other events!) and the software used was Nero 6. To my great disappointment, however, the CD didn’t play seamlessly but had a few milliseconds pause between the tracks - this despite the fact that I had removed the default 2 seconds pause that Nero stupidly wants to add. (Note: the mix is already split up into several short mp3 tracks.) The short pauses aren’t troublesome on ordinary albums, but when listening to mixes or live concerts that extends over several different tracks, the pauses are critical.

Now, with my good 'ol 8x recorder accompanied by Roxio Easy CD Creator 5, burning this music marathon worked flawlessly using the DAO method, but this unfortunately is not the case with Nero 6. Note that I’m not fond of the idea of changing software either, so a post claiming that this works with Nero 6 would make my day, evening, Christmas or whatever. :slight_smile:

I recently learned that the method to use is known as seamless burning (or anything similar). As the CD freaks you are, I’m in heavy need of your knowledge. How to avoid pauses between tracks?

All answers appreciated!