Seagate's hybrid drives result in disappointing reviews

I just posted the article Seagate’s hybrid drives result in disappointing reviews.

It looks like despite the claims about improved Windows Vista system performance with Seagate’s new hybrid hard drives, so far they have managed to result in disappointing reviews. The drives…

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why use Vista…are there any reasons really??? :wink:

Vista is a resource pig and these hard drives won’t do it justice.

Vista os no more of a resource pig than XP. I’ve been running Vista now for about 8 months or so and with the same processes running that I hand with XP. And guess what? It uses 8% less ram than XP did while doing the same dang thing.

Your deluding yourself if you think Vista is not a resource pig. It uses at least 512MB RAM for its working set and is constantly indexing and probing user activity. This has a detrimental affect on system responsiveness.