Seagate, WD merger competition concerns probed by EC

Seagate, WD merger competition concerns probed by EC.

[newsimage][/newsimage]After Western Digital moved to acquire Hitachi Global Storage Technologies in March and Seagate announced their purchase of Samsung’s storage operations in April, that left Toshiba as the only other remaining competitor in the hard drive industry.

That sudden lack of competition has raised red flags among regulators, and now European Commission (EC) regulators are launching an investigation into the WD and Hitachi mergers to investigate if any antitrust violations will exist due to the lack of competition.

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Having two major companies will end up raising prices in the future (or keeping them HIGHER for a longer period of time). I thought there were going to be 3 major companies… not after this latest acquisition. We can only hope that innovation and reliability bar keeps on a good path, with a few minor exceptions.

These acquisitions will end up pushing release of a 4tb (single) hard drive into q1/q2 of 2012. Thanks alot… no new higher capacity product release in 2011. Try going 24 months without higher capcacites & see what happens to world-wide hard drive demand. LoL Construct a duopoly/monopoly at your own peril.