Seagate to offer cheap 10 TB HDDs next year



We’ve just posted the following news: Seagate to offer cheap 10 TB HDDs next year[newsimage][/newsimage]

Seagate will start sales of 10 TB HDDs next year. The HDDs will use platters based on Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) technology.

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Sounds like a good option for off-line backup drives.


cool beans I sell my kidneys for that… lol… but this sounds interesting to me as my system is full to capacity with 3tb drives and having 10tb drives would be great. Like instead of 12 3tb I would only have only would have to get 6 10tb drives and that would free up my internal bays… :bow:


No matter we’ll find a way to make them obsolete too over time :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=pigpenz;2743913]No matter we’ll find a way to make them obsolete too over time :)[/QUOTE]

Make what obsolete??? If you talking about HDD you might want to stop hitting the koolaid to hard ok. A SSD isn’t going to take over HDD capacity anytime soon as long as they are more expensive then HDD. Now if a 10tb SSD was same as a HDD you can figure HDD will be numbered but guess again SSD is a money maker and they aren’t about to let that price go down anytime soon.


Yeah, agree.

People keep telling us HDDs are history, I say they are wrong.

Ever since HDDs reached 1Tb in size, I moved over to SSDs and using large harddrives as offline storage, because that is what they should be used for. With exception of datacenters and so on. But for the home user, SSDs are great, and you do not need larger than 120Gb and then you just add a 1Tb standard drive to that. Then for offline storage, these larger HDDs are great.

And because you do not use them that much, besides the time in the “docking station”, they will last a lot longer, is a safe storage, and you have access to all your stuff at once (depending on what drives for the moment are mounted). To bad they stupid laptop, tablet makers do not understand, what we, the public want is a smaller primary boot media, like M.2 or mSATA and then use the 2.5 space for standard harddrive or SSD. Same thing with eMMC, it is good, but WHY could they not have put this in a socket, so you could upgrade it or change it when it reaches “end of life”.

Old harddrive are slow, but that is the point, the provide space, SSDs do not, and they will not come down in price.

I wonder how secure this drive is, keeping data over time on the HDD even if it is offline and just being stored somewhere.

P.S. Of course the important data should be burned on to media as well, and kept on several places (offline) to make sure it does not get lost. Less important data, store on harddrive.


The thing is today the newer motherboard knows when to power off used HDD on their ports and only power on the drive when needed so that will extend the lifespan of HDD longer then before. This is another reason HDD will not go away the board nowdays are more power efficient and will extend HDD lifespan. Also the Windows is better a power management to HDD so only the Main drive is at idle while the others of powered off til they are needed then powered on by the system. So there are plenty of safety drives has now on newer board as compare to the older boards. This is using the Desktop as comparison. Laptop that depends if you have single or dual drive setup. But Windows Vista to 8 are better at power management on the drives to extend their lifespan.


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