Seagate to double HDD performance with Multi Actuator technology


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Seagate has announced a breakthrough on its website that should double the data performance of HDDs the coming time. The technology is called Multi Actuator and it makes use of parallelism in a single hard disk drive. In recent years HDDs have been increased a lot in capacity. Currently there are 12TB drives available, and 14TB…


[quote]It’s not sure if the technology will end up in consumer drives, for now Seagate targets mainly data center usage.[/quote] As long as it is far less then a 2tb or 4tb SSD. It will sell until the SSD prices matches HDD prices.


Honestly, I’ve always wondered why HDD heads were unable to move independently. To me, that design always seemed like a completely pointless limitation. Combine that with the fact that consumer HDDs never quite exceeded 7,200 RPM, and it’s no wonder SSDs have become so popular in such a short amount of time.

I do hope Seagate not only keeps these drives at a low cost, but also introduces inexpensive 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch drives for consumers. That way, we could have laptops and desktops equipped with a usable amount of storage. (IDK about anyone else, but when I go to a computer store, I often see 32gig and 64gig laptops, with just a handful of insanely-overpriced 128gig models. I know SSDs are supper fast, but as far as storage capacity is concerned, that’s just pathetic!)