Seagate starts shipments of 4 TB HDDs with 1 TB platters



[QUOTE=alan1476;2683590]I respect everyone’s opinion, as long as they have their facts straight, we will see in a year or so who is right. As long as encrypted Cloud Storage is affordable, it is the future. There is no doubt in my mind. You can make a spinner 25tbs if you wish, once it stops, and you are without a backup, I mean seriously, who is going to backup 10Tbs with hardware, not me. The Cloud will and do it cheap enough in the future so everyone will never lose their data. Good enough for me, I have nothing to hide.[/QUOTE]I rip all my movies to hard drives legally bought Movies do you think it prudent to upload them all to a cloud service…I don’t and I will keep my backups on hardrives until which time the ssds come down in price as far as an operating system drive I will never go back to the spinners for that.:slight_smile:


Isn’t it always the name-callers that deserve their own labels the most? Here, too. And then to insist on others getting THEIR facts straight?!! What a whopper. What were banks using since the '50s? Off-site processing, off-site storage. Of course, they spelled that “time sharing computer services” for decades and decades. Ever heard of American Express? MasterCard? Visa? More “cloud” services based on proven central server technology - called mainframes back then, or mini computers eventually. The ATM - the original encrypted communications touch system, and providing actual physical objects authorized from cloud services.

But now it’s new technology? What a whopper.


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[QUOTE=alan1476;2683496]SSDs and Cloud storage are the future and anyone who doesn’t believe that is in denial.:flower:[/QUOTE]
Wise words [I]alan1476[/I]. :iagree:
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Cloud storage ranks right up there with getting a “Voucher” to replace your retirement savings when the government SEIZES your assets to fuel their
continued insane spending spree.

There are too many horror stories of cloud accounts being wiped because of some unexplained violation that may or may not have happened in the first place.

Cloud storage subjects ALL your data to the scrutiny of others

you believe encryption protects you?

THAT is funny