Seagate Shady w/ Maxtor Warranty



Hey everyone, basically I purchased a Max DM9 250GB HD about 3yrs ago from CompUSA in the RETAIL packaging. The guy said that the drive had 3yr warranty. I did some hunting online at the time and found the same thing to be true… now comes about 2weeks ago I defrag the drive as normal, restart and the drive keeps cycling this strange click click click of DEATH… oh GOD NO! I thought, looked on the drive for the mfg issue date ~April 04… SWEET a few days left. Long story short I go to seagate’s warranty checker page and sure enough they claim it’s out of warranty which ended in august 05. No way I’m pissed, I bought it retail specifically FOR the 3yrs. So I send an email and of course I get nothing but canned replies back and referrals to their data recovery firm.

So what do I do here? I’ve got 5 screen capts from various sites showing the same drive with a 3yr warranty! I was in the midst of restarting so I could back up the drive to this new 500GB WD I bought… No way I’m going to spend $1000’s even though I had some really important updated documents resume etc. on there. What should I do. I cannot seem to get past these front desk support goons that could careless about honoring the stated and implied 3yr warranty term?! :a :a :a


At the risk of misleading you, if I am not mistaken, I think many retailers confuse things. If you purchased your drive in the RETAIL box, you get ONE year waranty. If you purchased the oem version (comes in an anti-static bag) you get the 3 years - It’s the other way around and many sites mislead people or are NOT informed properly and think that the retail gets the bigger waranty when in reality it is the OEM version. I can’t understand why but that’s the way it is.

I have 2 of the DiamondMax 250GB drives myself and they are running perfect… So your drive lasted 3 years, not bad, considering the poor quality of products nowadays, :smiley: Keep in mind those maxtor drives are made in China - some say they were better built when made in singapore.

Try shutting down your PC for 30 minutes then power back on and see if your HDD works now. If it does, run the maxtor utility and run a complete check cycle including SMART checking on your drive. If you have a SMART capable software like speedfan (free) or EVEREST or others please post your attribute names and values here I’ll take a look at it for you, about 60-70% of the problems can be prevented ahead of time, unless it is an unexpected mechanical failure / crash.

Sorry but it looks like you were not informed properly and if you were mislead or not informed by Seagate/Maxtor themselves then there is a big problem :slight_smile:

My personal favourite tool is

It provides more S.M.A.R.T. attribute info than other apps - Run a test on that HDD and post your results, you’re drive may not be gone and there may still be hope, I would look for the values of critical attributes (spinup time, seek performance, calibration retries, spinup retries, write errors…)Your data may still be safe, if it is still safe you should back up immediately. Also you might want to check your power supply’s voltages and keep an ear on any grinding like sounds coming from your HD.
Before you panic and throw your drive away you might want to take these steps to try to save your data.


—Oh this one came with an antistatic bag and the works. I still have everything it came with and possibly the original receipt. I just don’t like the way that I was blown off and redirected. I really getting tired of these corps treating me like I’m the problem, when it’s their hardware that’s failing…

Oh the drive is toast. I know these clicks anywhere, plus there’s some kind of metallic grinding also, which most likely means the the head(s) have crashed also :doh: I don’t want to risk further damaging the drive by running it again. I know a fair amount about the drive and it’s def metallic friction of some sort…

Sorry but it looks like you were not informed properly and if you were mislead or not informed by Seagate/Maxtor themselves then there is a big problem :slight_smile:

It’s def the drive, I just bought some new raptors and a new 500GB and they are up and working fine… The drive toasted on me, I’ve lost YEARS worth of new updates and complete files and papers… Some were backed up some were about to be… No way I can afford $1000’s on a chance of recovery and or not. I still say the drive warranty was 3yrs. I’ve got 5 diff places (and many more I didn’t capt) saying they are 3 and showed the retail package. No way I’m giving up on this matter my stuff is too important to let go to waste b/c some corp feels I’m unimportant.

Thanks for your concern and advice! :clap:


I can’t believe you give up like that. I have a maxtor 30GB, it’s an old (VERY OLD) drive that I have since 1999 I think or before that - till this day it is working fine on an old backup system, surprised it lasted so long - Recently it started making a grinding noise that gets louder and louder and louder then I hear the click-click-click-click, then it would not detect or boot AT ALL - Then after leaving it for a few minutes, the noise started to fade gradually and the disc magically got detected. After hearing what sounded like metal grinding, to my surprise, the data was fully intact. I have an exact mirror image of the HDD and I have done a bit for bit compare, and data was identical ! NO LOSS - if it was the head agains the platter, the head would be FINISHED by now yet I let it grind away for minutes - so it’s probably the bearing motors going bad - Your newer maxtor drive probably uses liquid bearing motors. Anyways just because it makes noise and you hear clicking don’t assume it’s dead, sometimes shutting off the HDD and give them a knock can revive them just enough for saving the data - Trust me I’ve done it many times for people who thought their drive was finished. I once checked someone’s system for frequent crashing of HDDs and found out poor quality or faulty power supplies. Unfortunately due to very bad experienced i had in the past giving my name and address on the internet, I do not do this outside friends and family. I would have loved to take a look at your drive, I’m very familiar with hard disks and I could have saved your data - (oh and those parts inside the drive make great fridge magnets :smiley: That will teach you to make backups. I have a 2 DiamondMax Maxtors 250GB w/16MB cache and an external enclosure USb2, from time to time I run Acronis Image 10 and make a clone of my disk to the external drive and keep it aside for safety. I also keep important data archived to 2 different quality brands of DVD.

You mentioned you got your drives in a RETAIL version - then you mention yours came in an antistatic bag - That is NOT the retail that is the OEM version, it does not come in a box with the cable and the addictively smeling foam they use :smiley: If you got the OEM version you should have your 3 years - both my maxtor 250GBs were purchased OEM versions and I have 3 years on them.


Hrmm I guess I could give it a try some more… I’ve taken the loss pretty well, although going back just really burns me up that it got hosed without warning. I’ve heard that the drives had some problem with losing their firmware after shutdowns. The grinding comes in a sine-wave like fashion: Click click high pitched grind click click repeat etc… Far as the OEM Vs Retail. If you’re right you’re right, but that’s F’ing horrible in my opinion since I’ve seen all sorts of conflicting info. I still have all the original packaging, box shell etc… :disagree: :doh: :sad: :a

Far as backups, I have a fair amount of the stuff backed up, it’s just that the recent files were in very large batches and my machine was down for an upgrade and I didn’t have time to back anything up while it was down. This is when I finished, upgraded and defragged, and restarted… with the intent of backing up everything once it booted etc. I’d just received a 500GB WD5000AAKS (which is lightning fast atm)!

I’m still waiting out how I’m going to reapproach Seagate about this… I hate to say this about any group, but from my vast experiences dealing with the out-sourced-Hindu techsupport—they are impatient, rude and very eager to get you off the phone and your issue rubbed out. I recently went to reactivate XP and after being instructed to read off 6 digits of the code, I accidentally started reading the CDkey and the lady gets upset and says NO NO NO the 6 digits, so I say sorry okay here they are, and the B*&CH! hangs up on me! I had to call back and wait another 45minutes. Seagate was no better, canned responses, “tough sh!t” “guess you’re SOL” type responses and tone. It’s just poor corp training and a little arrogance and underpayment fueling the fraud of supposed “tech support.” The customer is at fault always… Anyhow I’ll unpack it and give it another try.

Thanks for responding and all of your ideas. :clap:


I share your anger and frustration :smiley: But your drive lasted you 3 years, that’s pretty good nowadays :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


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From experience with various customer service dept’s
I can catagorically state that Seagate/Maxtor isn’t the worst, they are second to Fujitsu who IS the worst.

Western Digital isn’t MUCH better, I just got denied for a warantee claim on a 60g Scorpio 2.5" drive which has "the click of death"
and was manufactured 10DEC2006

THEY keep telling me the THREE YEAR warrantee ran out in Feburary…

Samsung OTOH sent me an RMA on an 80gig 3.5" drive that
while not DOA refuses to Fdisc… the RMA was in my e-mail in-box
while I was still on the phone literally waiting for me when the Customer service rep told me to look in my in-box for it…

No argument, no weaseling, no discussion just "send it back and we’ll replace it… they even included a prepaid shipping label.

While I’ll keep using my pair of 80gb Seagate Barracuda (7200.7)
drives (they will be four years old the first week of may on a five year warantee) I doubt I’d BUY a new drive from seagate.

And while I’ve had best luck with WD, I’m gonna be much more favorable towards Samsung after my recent (yesterday morning) experience.



You have to register the drive after purchase to ensure you get the full length of the warranty period.



but my question to them was how can a three year warantee have expired in February on a drive that was made in DECEMBER?

If they had said “sorry the waranteed expired 19days ago” I would have said “OK, thank you for your time” and forgotten about it.
but they tried to bullshit me by saying the warantee expired ten months ago. that made me dig in my heels…

Though to be honest I’ll probably replace that dead 60Gb drive with another Western Digital, but likely a 160gb.

But this time I’ll be damned sure to keep track of the receipt. :slight_smile:



Bah… these corps don’t give a Sh*t about anything anymore; including the now fabled, once rumored to have, relic of the past—CUSTOMER SERVICE! They act like we OWE them money for nothing, as if an implied warranty is just some advertising meant to entice, but not actually backed…

As if EVERYONE is trying rip them off with returns Vs a few shadesters trying to trick them Vs ruining your whole company’s imagine trying to fight a few bad apples… I’ve started buying ONLY products where the customer-service is rated top notch… I mean come on the performance numbers between drives is SO negligible, that NOBODY could possibly tell what drive is what within the same class… It’s like 0-100mph in 10 seconds Vs 10.7… Big on paper, nothing in reality.

Companies such as BFG, eVGA and the like all have very good warranty + service, so what if they are a little slower? etc.


It varies by manufacturer, but for a drive not properly registered, they tend to go by the manufacture date (plus a leeway period). At a minimum, you would get a three year warranty from say a manufacture date of Dec 2005 to Dec 2008.

I make it a habit to verify the warranty end date upon receiving the drive and then decide whether or not to register it. I’ve gotten an extra 6-8 months of warranty on Seagate drives by NOT registering the drive.


[QUOTE=Dogg;2191038]It varies by manufacturer, but for a drive not properly registered, they tend to go by the manufacture date (plus a leeway period). At a minimum, you would get a three year warranty from say a manufacture date of Dec 2005 to Dec 2008.

I make it a habit to verify the warranty end date upon receiving the drive and then decide whether or not to register it. I’ve gotten an extra 6-8 months of warranty on Seagate drives by NOT registering the drive.[/QUOTE]

Oh, extra time by NOT regging? I think it’s shady to have warranties tied to Date of Manu Vs Date of drive PURCHASE. As the drive is “new” and just sitting in a warehouse… WTF should MY “new” purchase of the drive NOT activate the warranty Vs it slowly fading away when not even in my possession?! I hate these corps… :a