Seagate replaces CEO as company undergoes changes

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Storage maker Seagate kicked off the week by removing CEO William Watkins from his post, as the company’s Chief Operating Officer, David Wickersham, also resigned from the company on the same…

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Hopefully they will sort out their issues with 7000.11 drives.

Too bad for Watkins! Not a bad gig for $ 7,361,933.00 per year. Maybe Home Depot will hire him…

…“to build upon our success and accelerate the improvements”? When someone “talks up” a shake up like this, it’s FOR SURE there’s major trouble afoot. No one saw it coming? Judging from user feedback at NewEgg and other places on Seagate drives, everyone hates the Indian ‘tech support’ that usually serves only to waste people’s time and not resolve the issue after several calls. I’ve read about the RMA process being very expensive, as people are going through the same 3-7 replacements before getting a good drive again, ala the major Plextor fiasco. Of course, can’t say Maxtor nor WD is necessarily any better, only with LaCie better off with providing real U.S. tech support… I’d say those users fed up with the Seagate shoddiness and runaround would say this could be a good thing, and it would be interesting indeed to see what those users that have been so screwed by Seagate products would have to say about this. It would definitely make for some great reading, I’m sure.