Seagate launches first 1.5TB hard disk



I just posted the article Seagate launches first 1.5TB hard disk.

It has been around one and a half years since the first 1TB 3.5" hard drives were announced and up until recently, no larger capacity desktop hard drives have been launched apart from…

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I guess that’s what happens when you post soon after getting up…


Time to put your glasses on…the article says the last 1/2 century, which is 50 years, so your comment about computers in the 50’s still holds strong.


That’s what Seagate said (see the source link), so I’m just going by their word.


“512MB laptop” should read “500GB laptop”.


It IS the single biggest in HD capacity in the last 1/2 century - really in the history of HDDs - it’s a half terabyte increase. There were 750GB drives already on the market when the 1TB drives hit, that was only a 250GB increase - this is a 500GB increase…


Yeah, I just went over all the numbers on this and it turns out Dentman42 is bang on with his math. Now if they can just get that 5TB drive out the door I’ll be putting all my DVDs onto an HTPC.


think the 1/2 TB is for notbook drives


1.5TB on four platters = 375GB per platter. That’s quite impressive. :iagree: