Seagate launches 14TB HDD line-up with IronWolf, BarraCuda Pro, SkyHawk and Exos drives

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Seagate today launched its range of 14TB hard in the company’s enterprise and specialty drive portfolio. The company’s portfolio consists of IronWolf and IronWolf Pro for network attached storage (NAS) applications, the BarraCuda Pro desktop drive, surveillance-optimized SkyHawk, and Exos X14 for hyperscale data centers.

That’s not a bad price Approx $42.00 a TB

It maybe a big price if it fails with in a few months.

Yeah, but 2TB hard drives are about $50. so $25 per TB. sure, I realize that’s a lot more convenient and all though to have a single 14TB instead of like seven 2TB drives.

but anyways, 14TB would be great but if that drive fails it would suck. also, 250MB/s transfer rate is less then I would have guessed considering my 5TB HGST does in the ball park of 180MB/s and is almost 1/3rd of the storage space. so basically 14TB hard drives still don’t max out the SATA II connection.