Seagate hdd.. bios OK, windows can't see

Hi - I am trying to install a Seagate 160gb ATA100 drive. It’s correctly installed physically as primary slave. BIOS can see it fine, however windows does not show it.

I tried the troubleshooting guide on Seagate’s website, but on this page I think I found some clue as to the problem:

I don’t have a “hard disk controllers” section in my device manager. I do have IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers.

The seagate troubleshooting guide keeps referring to “your Add-On ATA HBA controller card”. I don’t have an add-on ATA HBA controller card that I know of.

I’m lost, can anyone give me a word of advice on this? I have XP SP2. Since my BIOS recognizes the drive as 160GB, I am thinking the issue is not with the >137 GB problem. XP SP2 shouldn’t have a problem with it either.


Right click on “my computer”, pick “manage”, then on the left pick “disk management”. See if it lists the drive there.

It doesn’t… the seagate troubleshooter walked through any way the OS could possibly see the drive, including that one, and OS doesn’t see it.

HBA? Probably it is an issue with the 137gb barrier.

Hi :slight_smile:
Just a thought have you performed a format of said drive?

have you checked ot make sure that your primary master HD is jumpered as “master” and not as “CS”?

ISS hit the nail on the head, Seagate drives sometimes require that they are jumpered correctly(depending on hardware and OS). I bet you change the jumpers and things will be fine.

To give an update - I did have the boot drive (Western Dig) jumpered as master and the seagate as slave.

Yada yada yada

I ended up with a new computer which this new seagate works flawlessly in. It was time for an upgrade anyways…