Seagate Hard Drive Settlement Now Online

With Cho v. Seagate Technology Holdings, Inc. wrapping up, Seagate customers who purchased a hard drive in OEM or retail packaging between the dates of March 22, 2001 and September 26, 2007 are eligible to receive one of two different settlement benefits per hard drive purchased:


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Hard drive manufacturers are mis-representing the capacities by re-defining the standardised computer terms kilobyte/megabyte/gigabyte/etc as multiples of 10^3, where the computer industry defines them as multiples of 2^10. (1024), then claiming that significant amounts of the HDD space is used by OS’s FAT’s (or similar), whereas the filesystem overhead is significantly less than the difference between the stated capacity (x1000) & the actual capacity (2^10) (2.5%).

But then, where does this end. Transmission technologies are defined as megabits per second … and are stated as per the 10^3 system also, rather than the 2^10 standard.