Seagate Disk Wizard file invisible to Windows

Recently I used Seagate Disk Wizard from BratPE CD to successfully create image and restore to partition on a Win2k SP4 system. It took just 4 minutes to create image of 7GB of data, 2 minutes to validate image and 6 minutes to restore image compared to about an hour for each step using Ghost 2003.

I’m much impressed with th difference in time, but the Disk Wizard image file is invisible to Windows. The folder shows 0 bytes when properties for folder are checked, and no files are seen when the folder is opened in Windows. Is this normal, and how can such files be deleted either from Windows or from Disk Wizard? Previously using Ghost 2003 I’d create system image every 4 months and delete images over 8 months old and would like to do the same for Disk Wizard images.

Maybe the permissions for the folder are missing, since it was effectively created by another user when running under BartPE ?

Try opening properties on the folder, selecting the Security tab and looking at the permissions. If you don’t have the necessary permissions, you could use the Advanced dialog to take ownership of the files.

This assumes you have administrative privileges and run Windows XP Professional - I’m not sure you can do this in Windows XP Home and it might be done differently in Vista.

How about Windows 2000 Professional which is what I’m running that’s not seeing the image file? BTW the BartPE CD was created using WinXP Pro with SP2 if that’s important.

I think Windows 2000 Professional would be more or less the same regarding viewing and changing permissions and ownership on folders.

Why don’t you try it and see for yourself?

Clicking Securities tab and checking “Full Control” box results are same, i.e. properties show 0 bytes and empty folder. I think I may have encountered something similar before on a multi boot system with Win2k and WinXP where WinXP could see all files on the PC, but Win2k couldn’t see files created while booted to WinXP. Perhaps booting to BartPE CD created with WinXP SP2 has the same effect since I’m effectively booting to WinXP pre-install environment when booting to BartPE CD.