Seagate cuts warranties on HDDs



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Seagate published an announcement on its web site informing customers that the company will cut the warranty period of select bare (OEM) HDDs on Jan. 3, 2009. Most Seagate OEM HDDs currently…

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Hmm… I think this is a horrible move on Seagate’s part. One of the reasons I purchased Seagate HDDs was because of the longer warranty than other companies! Considering the price of HDDs these days, three years should be enough, but the extra two years is additional peace of mind.


seriously if you return your hard drive after 5 years of use, your probably just being cheap. 5 years ago you were lucky to get a 40 gig HD, if my 40 gig died tomorrow, I wouldn’t shed a tear.


Its not being cheap. If I pay for a product with a 5yr warranty and it goes within that period I expect it to be fixed/replaced. Also remember that if your hdd goes nearer the 5yrs mark you’re more than likely get a newer revision/model for your knackered one :slight_smile:


I’m going to give Seagate a call regarding this warranty change, so if you have any questions, feel free to let me know. :slight_smile:


Lame! Just like Michael, I recently purchased a Seagate hard drive just because of the extended warranty on it.


They’ve done this before. 5 - 3 - 5 - 3, when they lose some more market share over it, and someone else offers 5 years on similar product, they’ll bounce up to 5 again. Or they’ll offer 5 on specific drives, which will of course cost more, and 3 on the rest. Nothing new really. Typical games drive makers play. WD does they same stuff. If you really want or need a 5 year warranty, just look around, there’ll be drives that have it.


It does seem that HDD reliability has increased, but that doesn’t mean companies should suddenly begin to reduce warranty times. A 3 year warranty isn’t too bad, but still not as nice as the 5 year warranty they were offering previously.


Cost cutting.


They’ve been offering 3 year warranties on all of their Maxtor branded drives for quite a while now - the consumer already had a 3 year warranty alternative, at a slightly lower price, in Maxtor.


It means that newly produced drives are inferior in quality and probably wont last as long, so yes, they have to lower the warranty period or they WOULD lose money.


I switched to Seagate exclusively because of the 5-yr warranty. Will supplemnt some drives now before it goes back to 3-year


The drives are failing at an increasing rate; the design/manufacturing standards are flawed and are failing at an increasing rate in years 4 and 5, that is why the Barracuda is having is warranty lowered.