Seagate cuts warranties on HDDs



Looks like those of you who like Seagate for their 5-year warranties will be disappointed to hear that the company is changing its policy next year. Starting in January, the warranty will be a regular 3-year warranty, no more extra two years! :frowning:


Well that’s still better then when Western Digital and Maxtor started doing 1 year warranties on drives they used to offer a 3 year on but it does suck a bit.
My last 1 year warranty Maxtor, bought before Seagate took em over, died in less then a year but I had it as a spare on my shelf for over a year as it was:sad:


It sucks to see quality going down hill. :frowning:


I’m arranging an interview with Seagate regarding this latest warranty change, so if you have any questions for them, feel free to post them here or PM me.


Do they have that much less faith in their drives that they felt they needed to cut their warranty down, or are they saving money by matching the lesser warranties offered by everyone else, including their own Maxtor, which is the same drive under the cover.