Seagate cloud down 2 weeks

Seagate’s Dashboard, their cloud service, is down for two weeks for ‘maintenance’:

[B] Hello Seagate Cloud Storage user,

Seagate Dashboard cloud storage
service is going through some
updates. As a result, the upload
capability of the cloud service will
be unavailable for a few days
(October 3rd - October 18th)
while the updates are processing
and testing. This means any backups
scheduled during that time will be
suspended or may result in errors…

Seagate Cloud Storage Team[/B]

Probably not a big deal. After all - whoever heard of “Seagate” and “storage”? They’re a newbie company after all, probably trying to make a name for themselves in the computer world for the first time. Routine maintenance is all part of every new company’s struggle.

Obviously they’re very serious and professional about their fluffy storage! :iagree:

Which make all the more sense to have you own HDD/SDD local storage to prevent such outages. Two weeks can mean alot for business bottom line and you can loose alot of business in those two weeks. Time is money…

What’s a few weeks between friends?

There are troubling aspects to this. I want to think, “If ANY company would know about redundant backups and parallel storage abilities, it’d be the world’s largest hard-drive maker.” That seems like a reasonable comment.

Why not, Seagate?

This makes me think something else is going on. Did they align themselves to the world’s worst replication group? Or perhaps it was an outright criminal network (Holy Internet Heroin Dealer, Batman - ya mean THAT network gets shutdown nearly the same time?!!).

That could explain this “outage”.

Of course, I’d hope we’d also find Lee Harvey’s accomplices there, too, along with Big Foot and Al Capone’s safe’s contents, too.

I can’t really imagine a reason that would be satisfactory, or even one that’s assuring the Cloud Service fairy tales might continue. It’s a good thing “Always On” is so popular.

Just goes to show ya, there’s no such thing as reliable, safe or secure cloud storage.

Perhaps it was safe to some to think of them as safe storage because the new term cloud was difficult to comprehend and its purpose cloudy at best.

Four weeks later, now Microsoft’s Azure Development Service hits some down-time, but apparently not world wide - just huge chunks of it. I see that the Equatorial Pacific Region is probably completely functional. Er, AS functional as “a thousand miles from anywhere” ever is.

East Asia is affected, but I’m uncertain if this affects Polar Siberia. Maybe if you’re doing your coding there or, say, the northern Solomons, you’re still getting the same high-quality cloud service as ever.

(I love the comment, “The Blue Sky Of Death” is the new BSOD nomenclature.)

You might enjoy this new acronym that I just read on a review of Thermaltake’s 750W Toughpower PSU: WSOD-White Smoke of Death!

I guess it wasn’t so tough.