Seagate announces single platter 2.5″ 4TB portable HDD



We’ve just posted the following news: Seagate announces single platter 2.5″ 4TB portable HDD[newsimage][/newsimage]

Seagate has announced the Backup Plus Portable, a portable HDD with a capacity of 4TB and an USB3.0 interface. The drive is the successor of the 2TB drive in the same series.

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I thought the record platter capacity for a 2.5" hdd was 800GB, surely this is a error? 3.5" platters are only around 2TB per platter max.


It probably is an error. Something must have gotten scrambled up between Seagate’s PR department and the team that manages technical specs/documentation.

Maybe someone mashed up a different single-platter drive being released (one of the “Backup Plus slim” models?) & the fairly thick (20mm) 4 TB “Backup Plus portable” drive. Or maybe the single platter drive is one of the “Backup Plus Desktop” models (3.5", with AC adapter… Maybe the 2TB model is a single platter).

We’ll find out once they actually go on sale soon.