Seagate announces BarraCuda SATA consumer SSDs


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Seagate has released a new line of 2.5" SATA SSDs that will be sold under the BarraCuda name. The BarraCuda drives will be available in capacities of 250GB, 500GB, 1TB and 2TB. Seagate will first sell the drives exclusively through Amazon Prime, in September of this year they should become available for everyone.


Holy cow…in September and for Amazon Prime…why that long anyway I am Prime member already…common… And let me guess it will cost more then a arm/leg for my Prime ribs right.


Unless that SSD is competitive in performance or price, I doubt most will care. because if it does not excel at either of those (or thereabouts) and there are better options available then it almost seems like it’s pointless to bring to the market especially given they seem to be Amazon prime exclusive which limits the audiences of that drive even if it is good.

because while Samsung SSD’s tend to be the performance standard (and probably your general standard for SATA SSD’s straight up) for your typical SATA connection, you can still potentially find solid alternatives to those if the alternatives prices are right in that they could be noticeably cheaper for not that much of a performance hit.

even as I type this, taking a quick look online where I typically get my computer stuff from I see the Samsung 860 EVO 250GB (which is TLC) for a little under $77. the 500GB model (which is MLC(which I understand is preferable over TLC(?))) is $120 etc (I imagine the 500GB models are typically the sweet spot especially if one plays games on those otherwise the 250GB model is the sweet spot). so given that info it seems ‘almost’ pointless to go with another brand unless maybe it’s got those capacitors that help prevent data loss in a random power outage like I think the Crucial brand generally has where if the power suddenly drops out the drive has enough power in those capacitors to finish any writes it might be doing at the time of the power outage which should, at least in theory, prevent data loss. I don’t think the Samsung SSD’s have this feature.

for the record… I had my Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD since May 2015 and I think it was during May 2016 that I had a power outage which seemed to take out the data on the SSD but when clean installing Windows everything seemed to go smoothly and Samsung Magician reports everything is okay. maybe I had one of those semi-fluke situations, to where I might not experience that again, but it makes me wonder if I had a Crucial brand SSD if that power outage data corruption would not have happened as that’s one reason I would seriously consider a Crucial brand SSD over a Samsung. like off the top of my head… Samsung or Crucial is probably what I would go with if I had to buy a 500GB range SSD today as the Crucial MX500 500GB SSD is about $10 cheaper than the equivalent Samsung (I would assume the Samsung is faster, but probably nothing major) and both have a 5 year warranty.

p.s. about the cheapest usable (usable as in about 120GB minimum) SSD I found for at least some sort of brand name is PNY’s 120GB (Model = CS900) @ $29.99. while it don’t appear to be nothing special in the speed dept it’s hard to complain for that price range for a name brand SSD, assuming they are fairly reliable. but if those would drop to about $20 it would be hard for me to pass up on upgrading a 10 year old laptop I got which still has a regular 2.5" hard drive in it. but even at $30 it’s tempting but ill hold off especially given I don’t use that laptop too much in general as it’s a backup computer.